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Audiovisual Conference
Technical Courses

Our courses technical courses have  proven to be very successful, they are tailored to the client  objectives and the participant needs , we offer a range  of courses ranging from Basic to expert level.  We currently offer  the following course

  • Cementing Engineering including specialization by theme such High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT), Deepwater, Lost circulation, 

  • Laboratory training  for both Engineers and Laboratory technicians

  • Cement Integrity  design, assurance and evaluation, 

  • Cementing Operations 

  • Well Integrity during the Construction and Operations of Wells, 

  • Advanced Remedial Cementing

Competency Assessment & Training Strategy for Corporations

 We believe  in delivering  a fit-for-purpose  training which will benefit the  participant  and have a direct impact on the company 's  Return on Training (ROT), therefore we provide technical competency assessment for individuals to assess the competency gap for the individuals  then  set up plans for  their training and development  to bridge the skill gap. 


We also develop  full training & Development strategies for companies and corporations to meet their business objectives.

Technical Consulting
  • Product development (software, chemistry,  surface and downhole equipment)

  • Technical consultancy  in Cementing, Well Integrity, and well servicing 

  •  Incidents investigation

  • Process  development,and  technical governance

  • Auditing and continuous improvement 

Business Partners at Work
Business & Growth Strategy Development 

 In addition  training, we develop businesses and set up  growth strategies  for  Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups through Equity Investment, Partnerships and Joint  ventures. 

  • Directly investing in your  ideas through provision of seed money

  • Raising capital  from high net worth businesses and individuals

  • Providing access to networks with various industries specialists 

We  are also  looking for blue ocean ideas  that integrate technology  across any industry:

  • Application  and Software Development

  • Consumer Behavior and Analytics Programs

  • Environmental solutions

  • Disruptive Technologies 

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