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Salim Taoutaou
The Founder

Salim Taoutaou - Founder & CEO of 'TAOUTAOU CONSULTING'.

As a collaborative, inclusive leader, I look to fuel people with positive energy, and optimism whilst taking a keen interest in their development. I believe that a balanced approach between commercial success and people is essential for long-term business viability. I am passionate about providing value in my business engagements. I am a patient, active listener who takes time to understand the points explained by others, forming my own opinions and articulating my lines of argument. I am open to feedback and seek to shape organisational cultures that value improvement and growth over perfection. I believe excellence is a habit that is formed over time.
I thrive at the board level, bringing an analytical, independent viewpoint to strategic discussions.

Relevant skills and experience

Through his 24 years in the oil and gas industry, he has held various Global and Regional positions in different regions in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Salim is an expert in Management, Business development, Technology development,  Sales & commercial and Training.

Salim is a globally  recognised  as Well Engineering and Well Integrity Expert.

He is a holder of both a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering  and Business & Administration (MBA).

Outside Interests and Commitments

Salim is an officer in the board of the SPE Well Integrity Technical Section and the SPE Northern Emirates.

Non-Executive Director at TWI.

Entrepreneurial Activities​

  • Founded ‘TAOUTAOU CONSULTING LLC.’ Engineering consultancy & Training for Oil and Gas.

  • Co-founded Algeria’s first private telecommunication company named “KALAMACOM”.  

Thought Leadership

  • Published Author: Heavily published author across journals and magazines such as the Society of Petroleum Engineers for different conferences (IPTC, IADC, APOGCE, APDT, ATCE ADIPEC, OTC and OTCA), The Journal of Petroleum Technology and Cement and Concrete Research.  He served as the SPE Distinguished Lecturer for the 2017-2018 season; he was the recipient of the SPE 2014 and 2021 Asia Pacific Regional Technical Award in Drilling Engineering and he is the holder of five patents, he  published a book in Sep. 2021. Salim serves as member of IOGP, ISO TC67.

  • Technical Committee member for the Oil &Gas Conferences:  Over 12 years serving in  the technical committees for the most prestigious O&G conferences and exhibitions such (IPTC, IADC, APOGCE, APDT, ATCE, ADIPEC, OTC and OTCA).

  • Public Presenting: Frequent presenter at industry conferences and exhibitions across the world. A comprehensive list of presenting history is available upon request.

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