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Meet The Team


Salim Taoutaou

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As a collaborative, inclusive leader, I look to fuel people with positive energy, and optimism whilst taking a keen interest in their development. I believe that a balanced approach between commercial success and people is essential for long-term business viability. I am passionate about providing value in my business engagements. I am a patient, active listener who takes time to understand the points explained by others, forming my own opinions and articulating my lines of argument. I am open to feedback and seek to shape organisational cultures that value improvement and growth over perfection. I believe excellence is a habit that is formed over time.I thrive at the board level, bringing an analytical, independent viewpoint to strategic discussions.

Salim is a holder of Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering  and Business & Administration (MBA).

Key Skills

24 years experience in Oil and Gas

Entrepreneurship: Founder of ‘TAOUTAOU CONSULTING LLC.' &  Co-founded Algeria’s first private telecom company “KALAMACOM”

Extensive Worldwide Business Development expertise

Non-Executive Director and Board officier of the SPE Well Integrity Technical Section and the SPE Northern Emirates

Technology Development

Training  and competency development

Thought Leader

Inventor: 6 patents

Publisher: more than 60 Publications


Alexander Nebesnyy

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I have been full speed in my career development in Energy sector starting as an engineer deep in Siberia, reaching executive leadership levels and leading thousands of people across different countries and continents. I have been exposed to various technologies and businesses by working in the field and corporate offices on: long-term strategies, M&A projects, developing new products and technologies internally and in close collaboration with top Universities like MIT, defining new standards as well as leading talent management processes and executive staffing. I have become a truly international person working or visiting more than 50 countries as part of my duties, establishing a very wide and strong network, developing excellent multicultural and interpersonal skills.

Alexander is a holder of  Master's Degree in Petroleum Engineering and MBA .

Key Skills

 23 years experience in Oil and gas

Executive level Management skills 

Managing Various business lines Completion, Artificial Lift, Well Services and Integrated  production Services

Strategy Setting

Business Development

Technology Development 

Talent Management 

Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

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